EWTN.com - is this group pro-Life?

EWTN.com - is this group pro-Life?: "is this group pro-Life?

What can you tell me about a group called 'Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good'?

The director is Alexia Kelley.
Answer by Judie Brown on 10/16/2008:

Dear AER

The organization Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good are what we (I) call cafeteria Catholics, or more precisely, Seamless Garment Catholics.

As it says on their web site in one press statement:

“Too often our abortion debate has been used to score political points by both sides, rather than to identify what kinds of public policies will actually prevent and reduce abortions in America. This data shows that policy makers on both sides of the aisle have a moral imperative to enact legislation that provides economic and social supports for vulnerable women and families in order to reduce abortions,” said Alexia Kelley, Executive Director of Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good. “Being pro-life is not just a slogan. It requires concrete programs and public policies that help women and families with robust economic and social supports. Both political parties can agree to unite behind comprehensive strategies that reduce abortions.”

In other words, there is no effort coming from this group to actually define abortion as murder and to strive to end it; there is an effort to work for the 'common good' on 'Common ground.' That sends off warning bells in my head.

I am sure they do some good work, but their focus is not on exposing evil.

Judie Brown"

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