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Why is it that Vatican II instructed that the Divine Office should become a greater part of the lives of average Catholics, yet it is rarely said in most Western-rite parishes?

Also, I don't understand why the Western Church chose to break with the immemorial tradition of saying all 150 Psalms each week and instead adopted the Anglican tradition of saying them in a month.

I'm a Byzantine Catholic, so my Horologion (our Liturgy of the Hours) still maintains that tradition.

I don't quite understand why your Divine Office is so foreign to the average Western-rite layperson, noting what Vatican II decree.

Answer by Fr. Jay Toborowsky on 10/22/2008:

Sadly, you are correct. The documents clearly point to a greater and more widespread use of the Liturgy of the Hours in the Church. Why was it not done? Here it's hard to lay blame. Some priests tried to begin it in their parishes, but there was little or no turnout from the people. In other places, the priests simply never tried. I will say this: There are probably more parishes now who recite some part of the Liturgy of the Hours (most especially morning prayer before daily Mass) than ever before."

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