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EWTN.com - deformed fetus: "deformed fetus

My daughter in law posted this on her blog. I am the one who told her we cannot blame God if the fetus is born deformed. She will not accept the fact that it will be born any way but perfect. Please read and help me answer her. Thank you. Here is her blog: I can't believe it's the final trimester. We had another ultrasound Wednesday. The technician really didn't show us very much. She couldn't isolate the arms for us to take a good look at. Basically she measured fluid, head and abdomen and everything looked good.

I told my Father-In-Law, in less than 3 months we'll see if all the prayers and well wishes paid off. I said, I'm worried that if our daughter actually does have some kind of challenge, I will be really mad at God for not responding the way we're asking. He said 'you can't blame God' Really? Why can't I?

When she comes out perfect like I expect her too, God will get the credit. Why shouldn't he get the blame if my prayers are not answered?

I'm sure there are all kinds of theological responses to this question.

But in the bible it says 'Ask and you shall receive' So I'm asking and I'm expecting to receive, a baby that's healthy and whole. Isn't it that easy?

I am noticing my stomach growing by leaps and bounds. It seems like it gets bigger every week. The third trimester makes me realize how little I've done to get ready for this baby. Joe and I have been so focused on our challenge of positive thinking.

Answer by Judie Brown on 10/27/2008:

To blame God for something that does not have the outcome one desires is quite natural, and it occurs to me that your daughter in law is using a type of logic that is designed basicallly to prepare her for something she does not care to accept. My advice at this point is to say only that every child is a gift from God, and that only in time will she appreciate His miraculous work, given to her with His love and grace.

Once she sees the baby, my guess is all those negative thought about an imperfect baby will cease to be a problem. I will pray for her.

Judie Brown"

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