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What does the Church say about people-other Christians of different faiths-and heaven? Also, if a person is not a Christian, meaning not baptized, but lives a moral, christian-like life, does he/she go to Heaven and will experience the joys of Heaven that Catholics believe?
Answer by Fr. John Echert on 10/8/2008:

One must die in a state of grace within the Catholic Church for salvation. Now the Church leaves open the possibility that there may be souls joined to the Church through a spiritual communion, even though not formally joined. This would be particularly likely in the case of those intending to become Catholic but who die without baptism. Theologians also speculate about those who have invincible ignorance and live moral lives, though this is not a settled matter by any formal teaching of the Church. We ultimately leave it to God but given the Apostolic view of the necessity of Christ for salvation I would not want to take a chance by another route other than the Church.

Thanks, John

Father Echert"

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