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EWTN.com - Host Desecration on You Tube: "Host Desecration on You Tube
Question from Whit on 10/1/2008:

Tragically, the multiple videos showing a young man descrating consecrated hosts in many ways are still on You Tube as of this evening (10/1). If you enter fsmdude on You Tube they're all there. On the positive side, there are also quite a few posts and other videos of people speaking out against this young man's actions.
Answer by Judie Brown on 10/2/2008:

Dear Whit

How sad; I thought You Tube had taken them down.

Judie Brown"

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  1. I am outraged at You Tube for posting such as distastful and disrespectful movie on their web site. How many more times must this deplorable desecration continue before our Lord has had enough? He is patient with us and loving. Why would someone do such a horrible thing. I will offer adoration as a way to comfort Jesus with these acts of sacrilege.