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Question from M.S. on 8/28/2008:

My sister is a Catholic and so is the man she will marry. They have decided to get married on a cruise ship and not have a Catholic marriage ceremony. We know the marriage is not valid in the eyes of the Church, and we as practicing Catholics feel we cannot attend it. Could you please provide us with Church statements or canon law that will agree or disagree with this so we can provide it to our family members who are currently angry with us (and feel we are being un-Christian).
Answer by Catholic Answers on 8/28/2008:


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Michelle Arnold
Catholic Answers

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  1. Hi Michelle,
    My neighbors are Episcopal. Their daughter married a Methodist man in the Episcopal church. We attended and gave a card. We did not feel the need to make any comment on the fact that their marraige was not Catholic; it just was what it was. So if I were in your place, I think that the love for my sister would have me attend; perhaps not in the same frame of mind as if there would be a sacrament but she is your sister forever, and you love her, so while you do not need to feel you should tell her you approve, or be her maid of honor...to refuse to attend would perhaps be sending a message that maybe you don't want to send; I don't know your situation but please remember she is your sister always.