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Question from Anonymous on 9/15/2008:

Hi: I have a situation and need some advice. My wife is seeking to have her tubes tied. She is in her upper 40's and she says here Dr.'s are recommending that she not become pregnant due to her stomach conditions, etc. She is not Catholic but I am. I want nothing to do with the procedure and have always asked that she not do it. I am the major breadwinner and would have to pay for the operation above what the insurance does not pay, which I have refused to so far. If I do not back her up our marriage will be severly damaged and could end. I don't want that becuase we have two kids now and it would be hard on all. Should I be more supportive and assist with her choice or follow what my conscience is saying is wrong?


Answer by Judie Brown on 9/16/2008:

Dear Anonymous

I sent your question to Anthony Dardano, M.D. and following is his reply:

As you well know, tubal ligation (sterilization) is forbidden by the church Not only is it permanently contraceptive, it also falls under the category of a 'mutilation' procedure. It then follows that there are no circumstances, medical, financial, social, emotional, etc., which can justify it. As might be expected, Catholic hospitals do not allow the procedure to be performed in their institutions. Therefore you are correct in that you may not give your approval or financial support. This would be direct cooperation and equally sinful. You must continue to voice your firm disapproval of the procedure. If after all your honest attempts to change her mind fail, she alone is responsible for the decision, and your conscience should be clear. Prayer and compassion are key elements here, as she as well as you is undergoing an emotional struggle. My prayers are with you and your wife for a morally acceptable solution to this dilemma.

Anthony N. Dardano, M.D."


  1. she is quite right.but i just say that kindly have information about tubal ligation.

  2. Brad NeznikAugust 04, 2011

    Unbelievable! I'm Catholic and I feel such opinions put out there by Dr. Dardano do more to harm families' moral duty to be "families," and promote divorce, encourage single parents to raise children, and degrade women to the level of pawns of their husbands, than promote Catholic Social Teaching. The Hippocratic oath says do no harm, so in this case the fine Dr. actually has not only told a husband to harm his family, he's also promoted breaking his own ancient code. Shameful. And the Dr. suggesting "compassion" means possibly having the husband leave the wife and children, breaking up the family, only so the "breadwinner" of the house can live with a "clear" conscience. Ridiculous. Husband, you want to continue to have a family? Stay with your wife and children, or decide to take your thirty pieces of silver you refuse to spend on the preservation of your family and live with your new wife - the devil and his so-called moral “high ground,” while your children suffer with their "sinful" mother. Better to do some evil for a greater good in this case. Jesus had to turn over the retailers’ tables violently (destruction of property, vandalism, disturbance of the peace) in the temples to prove a larger good point, respect the sanctity of the house of God. By protecting your so called sanctity / conscience, you would only be selfish in your actions. The sanctity of your family is with which good Catholic husbands ought to be focused.