EWTN.com - Ted Kennedy-pro choice

EWTN.com - Ted Kennedy-pro choice: "Ted Kennedy-pro choice
Question from Frank Kurtz on 9/13/2008:

Hi Judie: Thanks so much for the great job you do on this forum.

I happened to notice that Senator Kennedy's name was mentioned as a (pro choice) booster, which may as well be called 'death declaration'.

I will certainly pray for his conversion, but I cant help but wonder if he feels he can 'buy' his way into heaven.

Seriously, remember how enamored most Catholics were with JFK in 1962? He was our hero!! Tis a shame in todays confused society what a politician will do for his/her constituent's vote! How many more sacred lives would be saved if a candidate 'did what is right' rather than how their decision affects their bank account.

Praised be Jesus! Frank
Answer by Judie Brown on 9/13/2008:

Dear Frank

Thanks for the wisdom. God bless you!

Judie Brown"

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