Pro Choice

Pro Choice
Question from DMc on 8/30/2008:

Why is it that people always say pro choice instead of what it should be called, the murder of a human being? I am so tired of all this politically correct jargon. It seems our people have lost all sense of right and wrong.
Answer by Judie Brown on 8/31/2008:

Dear DMc

The fact is that when the culture of death robbed the words of their meaning far too many in our midst decided to use the enemy's terms instead of sticking to the truth.

Pro=choice is meaningless because what it is really telling the listener is that those who believe that a woman should have the choice to kill her child are not pro-abortion, just pro-choice. This is why pro-abortion is the only term we should be using.

Here's an example you might want to use when you explain to your friends why the term is deadly to babies:

Question: How do you feel about mothers who drown their two-year old daughters?

Answer: I would never do that myself but I would not impose my views on anyone else; each mother should be free to choose.

Sounds incredibly evil, doesn't it! That's why we should never say pro-choice.

Judie Brown

Judie Brown

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  1. Many don't understand that the workings of the Devil, is at hand, we are in a Spiritual Warfare, the working of evil forces are at hand at this very moment.