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Question from Miguel on 9/18/2008:

A friend of mine is working at bringing back to the Church an elderly man that is an alcoholic. The man is agreeable to pray the rosary and listen to the word of God as long as he has a glass of his favorite drink next to him. The question from my friend: Is it okay to allow this? Otherwise the man won’t agree to pray.
Answer by Catholic Answers on 9/18/2008:


Where is he wanting to have his drink and pray? As long as we're not talking about him nipping from his flask in church, I don't see the problem. (If he insists on bringing his flask to church, encourage him to step outside to drink and to refrain from receiving Communion since ordinary alcohol breaks the Communion fast.) Start with him where he is, then worry about convincing him to address his alcoholism later. In the meantime, your friend might consider introducing this gentleman to the Venerable Matt Talbot. Should he become interested in addressing the alcohol problem, you might recommend the work of the Calix Society.

Michelle Arnold
Catholic Answers"

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