EWTN.com - Archbishop responds to US Sterilization

EWTN.com - Archbishop responds to US Sterilization: "Archbishop responds to US Sterilization
Question from J P Edwards on 9/26/2008:

I wrote you a few days ago about a local legislator who is studying a plan to pay women on welfare a bonus to be sterilized and to pay college educated women a bonus to have more children.

Yesterday Archbishop Hughes released a statement saying that this plan is 'blatantly anti-life' and against the Church's teaching. I commend the Archbishop for speaking out on this and vowing to take the fight to the state capital with the full weight of the archdiocese behind him.

However there are some shocking statistics that have come to light since Rep. Labruzzo's plan was 'leaked' (according to him it isn't ready) Keeping in mind that southeast Louisiana is a historically Catholic area, accoring to a poll conducted by a local TV station yesterday 65% of people support this plan!! Also if you read some of the comments left on both articles there are people who not only applaud this but they are claiming to be Catholic and are attacking the Archbishop calling him the AntiChrist and attacking the Church saying that it is driving away a segment of the Catholic population by their stance on life issues.

I hope that all true Catholics loyal to the Church and the Magisterium pray for both this legislator and these misguided 'Catholics' that they return to the truth of the Church.

Answer by Judie Brown on 9/26/2008:

Dear JP

I love Archbishop Hughes; he is always there to defend truth. God bless him!

Judie Brown"

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