EWTN.com - Almost worshiping dogs

EWTN.com - Almost worshiping dogs: "Almost worshiping dogs
Question from Dot on 8/7/2008:

Isn,t it sinful for people to almost worship their pets? It seems that so many people in this day and age are so involved with their dogs and cats that's all they think about. Understad I like pets too, but aren't they still animals and not substitute people?
Answer by David Gregson on 9/29/2008:

The exaggerated affection some people show their pets may reflect a lack of affection they feel coming from friends and family. Dogs and cats, and other pets as well, often show an unconditional devotion to their masters, which is comforting. But we are still their masters. They weren't created in the image of God, nor given dominion over the other creatures of the earth (Gen. 1:28). Nor can we relate to them with anything like the depth with which we can relate to other human beings. Animals are too different from us, and as the saying goes, 'Like knows like.'"

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