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Question from James Roesser on 9/28/2008:

In a previous post, you criticized the proposed Sarah's Law, saying,

'The problem with laws like this, in the long term, is that pro-lifers are suggesting that if parents are informed, and then agree with the child's desire to have an abortion, the abortion can go forward.'

You truly have it backwards. The present law allows children to get abortions without their parents knowing about it. Studies have shown that where parental notification laws are passed, abortions are reduced.

That IS the goal of pro-lifers, not stubborn insistence on your personal opinion of ideals. The same impractical ideals you base your refusal to vote for the candidate who will do the most to advance the sanctity of life, unless they are 100% pure.
Answer by Judie Brown on 9/29/2008:

Dear Mr. Roesser

I fully appreiciate your opinions on the Sarah's Law question, and you have every right to hold them and to disagree with me. But please refrain from alleging that because I do not support laws that undermine the personhood of the child, I am somehow expecting only that which is 100% pure or that I am impractical. You know this is incorrect; all I expect is consistency based on Catholic teaching.

Thanks for your comments.

Judie Brown"

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