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EWTN.com - VP-candidate pro-life?: "VP-candidate pro-life?
Question from anonymous on 9/15/2008:

Hello Judy, This past week, Sarah Palin was interviewed by Charles Gibson on ABC's World News. One of the questions asked of her was about abortion. She responded that abortion should be allowed only if the mother's life is in danger. So, why is she considered 100% pro-life when it's obvious she isn't? The same question holds true for McCain. If neither candidate, Obama nor McCain plan to do anything to overturn abortion rights, then why does it matter who the American people vote for? I appreciate any feedback you could provide. Thank you very much for your time! anonymous
Answer by Judie Brown on 9/15/2008:

Dear Anonymous

I cannot imagine why you are asking me about Governor Palin. I never said she was 100% pro-life.

Nobody would describe McCain as pro-life either. At least noone who understood the record.

Judie Brown"

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  1. 100% Pro Life? Is the criteria, that the mother be willing to die for her child to be born? If so, will someone please explain how often this really presents, what the circumstance might possibly be? I have yet to hear of a case. If a mother knew she was terminal with cancer and wanted her child to live, how admirable. Are there examples we can hold up so that we can understand?