EWTN's or the Pope's guidance

EWTN's or the Pope's guidance

Question from Confused on 6/12/2008:

recent post on the web quoted “A Brief Catechism for Catholic
Voters by EWTN” as claiming that “it would not be morally
permissible for you to vote” for a political candidate who
supported abortion.

And yet, in contrast to
this the post then quoted then Cardinal Ratzinger's 2003 letter to the
U.S. Bishops’ Conference stating that such a vote “can be
permitted in the presence of proportionate reasons.”

Which view is correct?

Answer by Fr.Stephen F. Torraco on 6/12/2008:

is no contradiction between the two statements. When then Cardinal
Ratzinger spoke of proportionate reasons, he was speaking of those
cases in which there were genuine dilemmas for voters; for example,
having to choose among candidates all of whom are pro-abortion. In such
dilemmas, a voter is morally permitted to choose what he discerns to be
the lesser evil.

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