Being free from original sin

Being free from original sin
Question from PJ on 6/11/2008:

Fr. Levis, I have a simple question that can be put into the form of a syllogism:

a. The three penalties for original sin are concupiscence, suffering, and death.

b. Mary by virtue of her being free from original sin was free from concupiscence.

c. Why was she not free from suffering and death?

Wasn't she brought back to the state of Eve before the fall with her Immaculate Conception? It seems to contradict reason that Mary was then exempt from one of the penalties but not the other two.

Please explain.
Answer by Fr. Robert J. Levis on 6/16/2008:

PJ, But Mary did suffer, and heavily, and could well have died too. You presume too much. Fr. Bob Levis

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