Question from laura on 6/18/2008:

Hi Judie-when my ex-husband and I was stationed at Edwards AFB, I read an article in the Woman's World magazine about a mother who was advised to abort her unborn child because the baby didn't develop a brain. She (thank God) didn't have an abortion-she couldn't do it. Thankfully, the baby was born healthy (with a fully developed brain). Found out that these ultrasounds isn't always 100 percent accurate. This was back in 1993, I think and even though technology is more advanced than back then, nothing is always 100%. So I hope and pray that this woman's friend will get a second opinion, and even though the second opinion says the same thing, I pray that instead of aborting the child and having that on her conscience, she will educate herself and do what needs to be done in reference to early intervention. I knew a TSgt in the air force whose brother and cousin both has down syndrome. His cousin had what was referred to as high-functioning-a very small percentage of folks with down syndrome do marry, attend college, drive, and so forth. I just hope this woman's friend will do the right thing-all life is sacred. Yours in Christ, laura
Answer by Judie Brown on 6/19/2008:

Dear Laura

Your story, though about something that occurred some time ago, still holds true today. Ultrasounds are not always one hundred percent accurate, far from it.

Thanks for sharing this.


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