Gay Marriage

Gay Marriage
Question from Kayla on 6/19/2008:

Judy, With all the hubbub on the news about the recent legalization of homosexual "marriage" in California I was wondering, why are the Bishops not making more of a statement about this? Also, How can people not expect for gay "marriage" to become the law of the land since the homosexual lifestyle is already accepted by the populace at large? It seems a fait accompli to me. just a a matter of time. It seems a little late for some to protest the "attack on marriage" since divorce has virtually destroyed the institution for at least the last fifty years. Why don't we ever hear ANYONE preaching about divorce??? (Sorry this is such a long post but I do think there is a connection between the two!)
Answer by Judie Brown on 6/21/2008:

Dear Kayla

The California Catholic Bishops have made public statements against this new law/Court decision, so I am no sure what you are asking.

The USCCB (United States Conference of Catholic Bishops) issued "Always our Children" and that is on line at

The USCCB has not forcefully condemned either homosexual/lesbian marriage or civil unions.

Judie Brown

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  1. Well the heterosexual "lifestyle" has been accepted as the law of the land since the fall of the ancients and the rise of monotheism. I don't recall ever reading about any outcries from homosexuals, bisexuals, and other sexual minorities when chrisitianity imposed its arbitrary, foreign, and brutal dogma on a population that had vigorously reisisted it for centuries as an alien religious belief.

    The great triumph of chrisitanity is that it managed to convince a huge foreing population that it was the true and only relgion. The great shame of christianity is that in its attempt to do so, it became and acted just like the cults it attempted to crush and continues to do so to this day.

    Former Catholic Homosexual