False Prophets

False Prophets
Question from Anonymous on 5/20/2008:

...i was talking to this girl & she knows like the ins and outs of almost every religions..every tim i try and tell her that CHRIST is the only way to Salvation, but she thinks Jesus is a false prophet! I told her about the verse in Matthew 24..when Christ talks about false prophets. She counted that by saying in the old testament it talks about a messiah coming, and it talks about false messiahs coming to. She thinks Jesus is false because the Jews didnt recognize him when he first came.

Is there anyway to let her know that what she's saying isnt true?

is there a Bible Verse or something
Answer by David Gregson on 6/13/2008:

I suggest she read St. Matthew's gospel, since he cites many Old Testament prophecies that were fulfilled by Christ. St. Paul's Epistle to the Romans explains the unbelief of the Jews, but it's a deep epistle and may be difficult for her understand.

My suspicion is, unless this girl is Jewish, she's just grabbed any convenient excuse for not believing in Christ, rather than acknowledge His authority over the way she lives her life.

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