Posted: Friday June 6, 2008 at 8:25 am EST by Phil Eddy

When Jodie Percival of Nottinghamshire, England found out she was pregnant (despite being on the birth control pill), she decided to have an abortion. Her two previous children had kidney problems, and only one has survived. Not wanting to go through the pain of potentially losing another child - and failing to realize that she already had a child, not a potential child - Jodie opted for an abortion.

We all hear how easy and uncomplicated abortions at eight weeks are, but Jodie's abortion had a very positive "complication" - her baby survived! Three months later, Jodie felt something move in her stomach, and her doctor revealed that her baby was still with her. Despite having kidney problems, baby Finley was born at 6 lbs 3 oz and is expected to live a normal life.

Get the full story here from the UK Daily Mail.

My thoughts: I have a good friend who lost four children this past year. Three of those losses were while her babies were still in the womb, and two of those were because of a violent attack. Never once did she consider her past pain as a reason to end the lives of those children. While it is great that Jodie Percival now loves her baby - "I just couldn’t believe that this child had got through it all and looked so perfect" she said - its disheartening that she wasn't able to show love to her child before he was outside of her body. What can be done about this? The only way to remedy this is to bring people to an understanding that the life inside of a mother is a valued human being, and deserving of the life he/she is already experiencing. Then we will see mothers treat their preborn child with the same love and care that they do their already born ones.

Your thoughts?
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