Disney Gay Days are coming up...

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Question from anonymous on 5/31/2008:

I implore readers to stay AWAY from ALL things Disney!

It looks like Disney's Gay-Day event is going to be happening as usual. (At least we're given a "heads-up" so we know enough to stay away from the place!!)

Source: http://www.onenewsnow.com/Culture/Default.aspx?id=126400

The Florida Family Association is alerting the public that Disney's annual "gay day" at Orlando's Magic Kingdom is coming up soon.

"June 7 is the day when thousands of homosexuals and lesbians [and] transgenders will converge on the Magic Kingdom in Orlando, Florida, to basically demonstrate their passions, their lifestyles in front of a captive audience of tens of thousands of children and unsuspecting parents and families who will go to that theme park and have no idea what they're going to experience that day." That's David Caton, president of the Florida Family Association, issuing a warning to those unsuspecting families. He recalls what he viewed outside Disney's gates at a previous "gay day" celebration. "We watched literally thousands of people walking into the front entrance, see the large gathering of gays [who were] dressed in their pro-gay T-shirts and some in drag -- and [those people] just turned around and walked out," he relates. Caton observed a Disney employee handing out free passes to return another day -- and that was about 3,000 in just a two-hour period, he says. According to the family advocate, the annual event upsets many people, not just Christians. "This is an event that is, on its face, very offensive because they're in there demonstrating their same-sex affection," he laments. "It's a party on their part. Most of them hang out on Main Street; they hang out in the restaurants. They want to be seen." Caton urges people to go to the Florida Family Association website where they are given the opportunity to contact Disney officials via email.

Answer by Judie Brown on 6/2/2008:

Dear Anonymous

Thank you for this information.

Judie Brown

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  1. AnonymousJune 17, 2008

    God loves all men and woman. The sad people who call for discrimination should be damned to hell. Judge not least ye be judged.