The anti-trinity of our day

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Question from PJ on 5/31/2008:

Abortion will never end nor be outlawed without first ending contraception. I don't understand why this is so difficult for Catholics and other pro-lifers to see. In a nutshell, contraception in the poplarization of "the pill" gave birth to the post-1960's fornication culture which in turn gave birth to the abortion culture. Since over 90% of abortions are from unmarried women isn't it obvious that fornication is the cause of our culture of death, and that it must be conquered before we have a reasonable chance in conquering abortion? And since contraception opened the door to the premarital sex culture of the past three decades isn't it obvious that contraception must be eliminated for us to have any hope in ending the acceptance of fornication which is the cause of abortion? And ... since our post-1960's premarital sex culture desecrates marriage as the exclusive giving of selves that it is meant to be, isn't it obvious that we will never conquer our divorce culture without first conquering our premarital sex culture, which has its foundation in contraception?

Why isn't this clear to everyone that with the anti-trinity of our time (contraception/fornication/abortion) the only way to end our culture of death (the death of self-esteem, of preborn babies, of marriages, and of western civilization) is to attack and eliminate the foundation and cause - contraception. And why can't we admit that all other efforts to end abortion will prove to be fruitless, as we have seen in the past four decades? And lastly, why aren't Catholics, who have the infallible Magisterium and who should know better, shouting from the rooftops that the contraception pill is the new fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, of which if we continue to eat we will surely die?
Answer by Judie Brown on 6/2/2008:

Dar PJ

It certainly is not difficult for American Life League to see nor is difficult for Human Life International.

I cannot speak for other groups or those Catholics, the majority of Catholics, who don't get it. We should pray for them and take every opportunity to educate them.

Judie Brown

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