receiving the eucharist

receiving the eucharist
Question from Jim on 6/4/2008:

Dear Father, You answered, "a person, careless in Faith, should be instructed not to receive Communion, in private not in public, surely not at the Communion rail. Most priests presume all those who come for Communion are in the state of grace, have confessed their sins if necessary. He presumes this and gives the Eucharist to all." I understand your answer and am wondering about this situation. Once when a loved one who is married outside the church got up receive I whispered to them that since they were not married in the Church they shouldn't receive. Was this a bad time to do this? Now I'm wondering if it was any of my business to say anything, especially at that time. Thanks.
Answer by Fr. Robert J. Levis on 6/11/2008:

Jim, It was a holy and brave move, Jim. Probably better to contact him outside the church, upon leaving. And in all Charity enquire about his canonical marital position. Maybe it was corrected. This done in kindness and humble desire to assist, never to enquire out of curiosity. Fr. Bob Levis

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