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Question from Michele on 6/2/2008:

Judy, I read the two recent posts with regard to the size of families and I can see both sides. We are a pro-life family and have been blessed with 3 great kids. My fourth pregnancy ended in a miscarriage. We have always allowed God to decide the size of our family. I have homeschooled my kids all through preschool and some through middle and some high school. Last year I decided go back to work because the bills were just too much to manage on one income and we did not have health insurance because my husband was self-employed. I felt that God was calling me to put the children back in school and return to work. Last April I landed a great job with insurance and good pay. In the fall my husband went to the doctor because he had been sick for sometime with a cough. He was diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer. God knew all along what our needs would be. He also knew that given the circumstances taking care of a little one (who would be about 4 now) would be very difficult.

We are living in difficult times. Living expenses are at an all time high. It is not necessarily having material things that causes a family to limit the number of children but being able to provide the basic necessities of life.
Answer by Judie Brown on 6/3/2008:

Dear Michele

Your statement and testimony to surrendering your family to the will of God speaks volumes! Thank you and God bless you.

Judie Brown

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