Catholics who cannot explain their faith are easy prey for religious sects, warns Fr. Loring

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Caracas, Jun 3, 2008 / 04:43 pm (CNA).- Father Jorge Loring, the famous Spanish Jesuit apologist, said this week Catholics who are not able to give a reason for their faith fall easy prey to religious sects such as the Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Many Catholics are only so in name, he said, “but they don’t know how to defend the faith” or “to give reasons for being Catholic.” Therefore they are at risk of being deceived by a non-Catholic, the Spanish priest stated during a visit to Valencia in Venezuela.

“Therefore it is very important to have roots in the faith, to have a strong faith that stands up to the winds of the anti-Catholics,” he added.

Father Loring went on to say, “Moral relativism is the ideological cancer of our times,” as “people are fooled by the media because everything goes.”

“On TV we see debates where some say one thing and others say another. Who has the truth? The truth is not clear, each person has their truth, but not everything is true. There are some things that are true and others that are false,” he stressed.

Father Loring is author of the book, “Para Salvarte” (To Be Saved), which has sold over one million copies in Spain.
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