Catholic role in fight against gay marriage

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Question from Liz on 5/29/2008:

Dear Father, I emailed many Catholic friends an petition called: "Help me stop the California anti-marriage ruling" after this noted case a few days ago. Well one friend replied: "No way. Let them get married. Love is all that matters." Am I wrong in thinking we need to stand up for marriage? Especially as Catholics. Please give me some advice on how to respond to this friend. Thank you and God bless you.
Answer by Fr.Stephen F. Torraco on 6/6/2008:

The defense of the institution of marriage is not just a matter of faith. It is also a civic matter. So called "gay marriage" is an obvious and serious threat against the common good of civil society. Tell your friend that love is not all that matters. Children also matter.


  1. Where is the outcry in California from Bishops and Cardinals re legalized gay marriages, in the media sources? Are true catholics in this horror alone? Will we silently allow desecration of everything sacred in our beloved country? What do we have left to give the children?

    Judy Choitz
    Oceanside, CA

  2. Why should there be an outcry? How does the legalization of marriage between two loving adults (of any gender) affect the rights of those who already have access to this legal contract. And as for the children, what legitimate studies have shown that children reared by same-gender couples are more likely to be abused or otherwise subjected to hurtful events as compared to those raised by mixed-gender couples or single parents?

    My suggestion? Live your own life as well as you can, with whatever beliefs you have in God or the afterlife. Live as an example without telling others what to do. That is by far the most powerful method to elicit lasting change in this world of the kind that will make this a better place for all of us. Focus on yourself. It's the only thing you can really change.