Australia will pay $139 million for World Youth Day

Australia will pay $139 million for World Youth Day

Sydney, Jun. 3, 2008 ( - World Youth Day festivities in
Sydney will cost Australian taxpayers up to $139 million (Australian),
according to figures provided by the state government of New South

government disclosed that it has budgeted $60 million for security,
transportation, lodging, health care, and emergency services during the
World Youth Day celebration. An additional $79 million will be spent in
preparations for the event.

officials have assured taxpayers that the state will recoup the costs
invested in the event, since the horde of young people traveling to
Sydney for World Youth Day will bring new business to New South Wales.
State budget analysts are expecting at least $180 million in revenue,
basing their calculations on the estimate that at least 220,000 people
will travel to Sydney for the celebration.

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