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Question from laura on 10/15/2007:

Hi Judie-I was researching on the website on pro-life causes and happened to pull up lifedynamics.com website. Do you know anything about them? They had alot of information and photos on the evils of abortions. I sure hope that our next president is pro-life-right now the polls is quite discouraging. God help us if hillary or rudy wins. Thanks, Judie-I really am hoping to have time soon to join more pro-life causes-I am right now a single mother of three in the air force reserves on active orders-been so very busy. Thanks, Judie and may God bless you and your work. Oh yes, those photos on that website is quite graphic and made me sick to my stomach-and so many americans support abortions?! How tragic! Sincerely, laura

Answer by Judie Brown on 10/16/2007:

Dear Laura

Life Dynamics was founded by a very dynamic pro-life speaker, Mark Crutcher. It is a very effective organization.

We are all in prayer for our nation and her leaders, as we approach another election. Thank you for your kind words, Laura.

Judie Brown

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