Music instead of Sacred Silence

Question from Bob Allard on 9/17/2007:

My pastor has insisted that the organist at our parish start playing music five minutes before the start of Mass on weekends. We previously had Sacred Silence until the entrance hymn. Many people have left our parish, but he will not change his mind.

What can we do to change his mind. Are there any Church documents pertaining to this that might help?

I am quite upset about many people leaving.

Answer by David Gregson on 10/24/2007:

It's hard to believe people would be distracted by organ music, tastefully selected and skillfully played. Either the selection is bad, or the organist plays too loudly, which can be a distraction in itself. Or perhaps you have misunderstood why people are leaving. In my experience, an organ prelude has at least this benefit. It discourages people from talking in the pews, which is even more distracting than bad music.

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