40 days for life

Question from lmf on 10/22/2007:

Dear Judie, I happen to live very near an abortion clinic and am forced to drive past it often. Truth be told, I never really thought to much about it as I have never been in that situation nor has anyone I know, that I know of anyhow. I have seen the 40 days for life people out there on the sidewalk and have beeped my support with a friendly wave. Today it was raining, cold and windy. They were out there. I seen 2 girls going to walk in there and one of the ladies simply got up walked to them and offered them a flower. They kept going and I started to cry as all I could think of was that girl is going to kill her little flower. How very sad. So the 40 days of life people have done more I am sure for not just the people having an abortion, but the rest of us too. I think next time around I am going to do my duty and march. If it saves one little flower praise GOD!! Thank you Judie for all you do. God is watching over you. L.M.F.

Answer by Judie Brown on 10/23/2007:

Dear LMF

Thank you for this amazing message!

God be with you.

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