Blessing of Rosaries

Question from Jerry Jones on 9/6/2007:

While it is normal to have a rosary blessed prior to use, must rosaries be blessed prior to use? I make military rosaries for our troops sending them to military chaplains with a note that they are not blessed.

Answer by David Gregson on 10/16/2007:

If rosaries are not blessed before use, they are simply instruments for counting prayers. Counting on one's fingers would do as well, which is fine. What is important is saying the prayers of the Rosary, while meditating on the Mysteries. However, in using a blessed rosary, besides the benefits of saying the Rosary itself, one shares in the prayer of the Church for God's blessings on the faithful.

It's good that you inform the chaplains the rosaries you send are not blessed. I would imagine they bless them on receiving your note.

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