Extraordinary Ministers of the Holy Eucharist

Question from Anna on 9/28/2007:

Father Mark, In a past post the poster wrote: "They surround the altar at the time of the "Lamb of God" so as to be in position to distribute communion" The Extraordinary Ministers at my parish do this as well. Is it forbidden? If so what do you suggest I do? Thank You, Anna

Answer by Rev. Mark J. Gantley, JCL on 10/6/2007:

Lay persons who help with the distribution of Holy Communion are "extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion." Only a priest is a minister of the Eucharist.

Extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion are not to go up to assist the priest until after the priest has given himself Holy Communion. They should not be there during the Lamb of God or even be going up at the Lamb of God.

You are certainly free to discuss this with your parish priest. I can't guarantee that your priest will be receptive to your input though.

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