Watching the Mass on television

Watching the Mass on television
Question from on 08-02-2007:
In a recent EWTN program, Fr. Mitch Pacwa answered a question concerning the viewing of the Mass on EWTN. He said that the only Mass that would "count" (as far attaining many graces) is the first Mass in the morning, since it is broadcast live. My Mother sometimes watches three Masses during the day. She is not looking to replace attending Mass with watching the Mass; however, she enjoys the experience of all three Masses during your broadcast day and is upset at the idea that, according to Fr. Pacwa, she may not attain many graces by viewing the re-broadcasts. Can you clarify, please? Thank you!
Answer by Catholic Answers on 08-03-2007:

The first broadcast is live and viewers and listeners are praying with people in Irondale at the very same time. When the Mass is recorded they are praying with a recording. Yet even then--they are praying with all the other people who are praying with the recording. Praying with the live broadcast is the better. But the other times are good too. Being actually present in person for Mass is, of course, the best.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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