Latin prayers at Mass

Latin prayers at Mass
Question from on 07-31-2007:
Is it true that the Pope recently said that at least the Creed and Our Father should be said in Latin at Mass -- even if the old Tridentine Mass is not celebrated?
Answer by Colin B. Donovan, STL on 08-01-2007:
No, not in the sense that at every Mass this must be so. But unless it is done sometimes, what the Popes have asked cannot be fulfilled

The 2002 General Instruction of the Roman Missal has this to say:

41. All other things being equal, Gregorian chant holds pride of place because it is proper to the Roman Liturgy. Other types of sacred music, in particular polyphony, are in no way excluded, provided that they correspond to the spirit of the liturgical action and that they foster the participation of all the faithful.

Since faithful from different countries come together ever more frequently, it is fitting that they know how to sing together at least some parts of the Ordinary of the Mass in Latin, especially the Creed and the Lord's Prayer, set to the simpler melodies.

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