Differences in holiness and evil

Differences in holiness and evil
Question from on 08-02-2007:
We know every single human being (except of course Jesus and the Virgin Mary) to be a sinner; we all have a sinful, fallen, weak human nature all because of Adam & Eve's disobedience in the Garden...

So, my question is basically: While most of us have varying levels of good and evil in us, why are some people so holy, pious and/or saintly or even "Godly"(one extreme) and other people so downright wicked (the other extreme)? Is it the differing factors in their physical life/physological make-up and/or upbringing that made them that way...or does God (for reasons known to Him?) distribute His graces to people in differing amounts, thus more abundant grace makes someone holier, while very little grace would cause someone to be more evil?

Why are there such holy saintly people and such evil wicked people (like terrorists), or perhaps those who "seem" like good people (in our eyes)but in reality are committing evil mortal sins...considering we're all the same creature (i.e. human) with the same sinful fallen nature inherited from Adam?
Answer by Richard Geraghty on 08-05-2007:
Dear Anon,

The reason why there are such a variety of characters is that each person has free will. Now free will is open to a wide variety of choices which form the character of people. Hence some form good characters so that the practice of virtue become a delight to them. So some evil characters so that doing evil gives them delight. Yes, there are people who delight in doing evil. They want to be that way.

Dr. Geraghty

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