Five Holy Days Of Obligations

Five Holy Days Of Obligations!
Question from on 07-31-2007:

My daughter is preparing for her Confirmation at Our Lady Of Angels and she has not been able to find the answer to: "What Are The Five Holy Days Of Obligations and The Dates?

Tony King
Answer by Rev. Mark J. Gantley, JCL on 08-02-2007:
In the U.S., the six holy days of obligation are January 1 (Mary, Mother of Holy), Ascension (40 days after Easter), August 15 (Assumption), November 1 (All Saints), December 8 (Immaculate Conception), and December 25 (Christmas).

Unfortunately, that varies from region to region in the U.S. and depends on whether it falls on a Monday or Saturday and other rules that make it impossible for most people to keep straight.

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  1. It is impossible, everytime I find myself in a new diocese, I learn that
    traditional holydays are not observed, like the Ascension or the Solemnity of Mary , Mother of God , January 1. While there are very few observant Catholics left in the U.S. , for the benefit of those of us who think holydays matter, could the Bishops please communicate to the American people a better description of holyday practices and require that it be regularly published in parish bulletins and on diocesean web sites, please