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St. Joseph Statue
Question from on 07-06-2007:
I am trying to sell my house and I planted St. Joseph in my front yard and I have been praying morning and night for a few months. I need to know if I plant St. Joseph the right way. He is facing the street face up - the house across the street is also for sale. I need to know if I have planted the statue facing the right direction and if I am praying too much. Also, do you have any hints or know if this really works.
Answer by David Gregson on 08-06-2007:
Burying a statue of St. Joseph to sell a house is one of those practices of popular piety that arose without Church authorization. If done in the right spirit, as a symbolic invocation of St. Joseph's aid, it can't do any harm and may be effective. If done with a superstitious spirit (akin to white magic), it won't be effective and may do harm. In other words, you shouldn't concern yourself about which way the statue is facing. It doesn't matter. You are asking for the Saint's help, not trying to force his hand by following an exact ritual.

About praying too much, it becomes too much when you're trying to talk God or one of His Saints into doing something you want, whether or not it's contrary to His will. I'd continue to pray for the sale of your house, but add to your prayer that you trust God to do what is best for you, in His own good time.

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