blood of christ

blood of christ
Question from on 08-05-2007:
I am a cradle catholic and I am not sure I know the answer to this. So here goes. The sacrament of confession is used to remove sin by confessing ones sins to a priest (really Jesus). Also we know that the blood of Christ washes away the sins of the world, so ...when one recieves the blood of Christ (via the Eucharist) are you removing your sins? But if you are not in a 'state of grace' or you have not been to confession and you recieve, then you are comitting a sin. I think I know the letter of the law, but am struck by the paradox that that receiving the Eucharist introduces a new sin. I am sure there is a simple explaination.
Answer by Richard Geraghty on 08-09-2007:
Dear Rolf,

To receive Holy Communion one has to be worthy. If one is in the state of mortal sin, one is in rebellion against God and so is doing wrong to invite Christ into a soul that has rejected him. That is a great insult to Christ the Redeemer. Thus a person has first to acknowledge that they are an enemy of God and repent in confession. Then the reception of Holy Communion will work to his salvation, not his damnation.

Dr. Geraghty

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