private revelations

What is the value of private revelations?

While not belonging to the deposit of faith, private revelations may help a person to live the faith as long as they lead us to Christ. The Magisterium of the Church, which has the duty of evaluating such private revelations, cannot accept those which claim to surpass or correct that definitive Revelation which is Christ.
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  1. True Private Revelation is God The Father Speaking to us thru The Blessed Virgin Mary, Jesus or a Saint or Angel of God. He sent theem with a vital message for our salvation at this dark time. It is the Word of God!!! Who would dare go against it? He has said in a revelation "They think I Am dead"..All true revelation of God is Divine Mercy for us, to teach us the right way to God and instill deeper Faith. GOD LOVES US!!!!
    "If today you hear God's voice , harden not your heart" Ps
    Now read the messages at These messages are urgent for North America today. Given to save America if the people will listen for the sins of a people calls down from God a just chastisement. The message tells us what we must do to avoid this very immenant danger.