Judie Brown
Recently a friend advised me that St. Joseph's Catholic Hospital in London, Ontario, Canada, was providing something called "early induction of labor" for expectant mothers based on physician claims, such as the one voiced 24 years ago, that if the preborn child was not delivered early, the mother would die.

The news reports went on to comment that since that first case the hospital had been doing early inductions for a narrow set of reasons such as "when the fetus has a lethal anomaly, a situation that poses grave risks for the mother and child."

I immediately became concerned, as this was not the first such case that had come to our attention involving a Catholic hospital. At the center of this particular controversy is Father Michael Prieur, a medical ethics advisor, a theologian and the man responsible for making recommendations in seriously difficult cases such as the question of whether or not early induction should be done.

What troubled me about the news report, which was published in a secular newspaper, was the idea that somehow the fact that LifeSite News was a bit fanatical because they had reported on this and argued that early induction was tantamount to abortion. The newspaper said,
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