Anti-Prop 8 Resolutions

Resolutions advocating the overturn of Proposition 8 will be heard on Tuesday, February 17, in the California Senate and Assembly Judiciary Committees (SR7 and HR5).

These resolutions have been introduced by Prop 8 opponents to try to send a message to the Supreme Court that will hear the challenges to the constitutional amendment on March 5. While resolutions have no force of law, this represents an outrageous demonstration of arrogance by certain legislators who are advocating against the sovereign power of the voters.

The resolutions raise two points:

Assembly Resolution HR 5 by
Assembly Member Tom Ammiano
(San Francisco)

Senate Resolution SR 7 by
Senator Marc Leno
(San Francisco)

First, that Prop 8 was a constitutional revision (rather than an amendment), which would have required the legislature's review and approval before it went on the ballot. This is basis of the challenge by three lawsuits filed against Prop 8, an argument that was undercut by the brief Attorney General Jerry Brown submitted to the Supreme Court in December.
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