House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is about to pull off, at least according to some, a real coup by being given the opportunity to have a photo op and a conversation with the Vicar of Christ on Earth, Pope Benedict XVI. According to one news report, Pelosi, who describes herself as an "ardent" Catholic while advocating reproductive rights, will be the highest-ranking U.S. official to see the pope since President Barack Obama took office last month.

There are some who feel strongly that this encounter will provide Pelosi with the ability to tell the public that she, as a pro-abortion Catholic, was welcomed with open arms by the pope. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that whatever occurs, she will exploit it for what she thinks is her benefit. The public record makes one thing about Pelosi perfectly clear: She is not a woman who adheres to the teachings of the Church even though she claims “ardent” faith.

But there could be a surprise in store, though as political strategist and writer of “Inside Catholic” commentary Deal Hudson points out, “…the Holy Father is a head of state and regularly meets with political leaders from every nation, regardless of their positions on issues important to the Church.”
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