San Diego Public School Dance Teacher Fired for Playing Song with Christ in it

Kathy Villalobos was a dance teacher for two San Diego Public Middle Schools. For five years she taught young teens how to dance. One day in class she played a song to her students that had the name “Christ” in it. Within five days, she was fired. That event transpired 4 1/2 years ago.

This Monday August 24, jury selection and her trial begins at the El Cajon East County Courthouse - along with a lively protest beforehand of the rights that were violated as a result of this firing.

“This is a tremendous injustice and violation of religious liberties” said Mary Kuper, Protest Organizer “Our Country was founded upon ‘In God we Trust’ and ‘One Nation Under God’, mentioning the name of Christ is an honor and a blessing, certainly not a reason for termination of employment. We hold the public school system accountable for this unreasonable act of injustice.”


SAN DIEGO, CA (MetroCatholic


  1. Dear Readers,
    Although we lost in this court, we won in the only court that matters. We told the truth. The jury took no time at all in rendering a decision largely based on the lies of the LGSD lawyers. They did not even take the time to sift through the mountain of evidence/exhibits we submitted. They took less than an hour to vote and fill out the pages that would release them from duty. I stand by the truth. I know why I was fired and many others do too. If this happens to you, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Tell someone and pray for those that wrongfully hurt you.
    YOURS in Christ,

  2. It may be ridiculous, but then again - what about students of other religions being forced to listen and dance to this? There are plenty of other tracks the teacher could have chosen but did not so the actions of the district were justified. It's enough that the media tries shoving Christianity down the throats of those who are not their religion - don't let this practice find its way into the education system to spread the contagion of lies, hypocrisies, and bigotry.