KennedyCare strategy won't work

Supporters of the government takeover of health care -- replete with funding for abortion, euthanasia counseling, and sex-change operations -- have predictably seized on the death of Sen. Ted Kennedy to raise the flag of the "Kennedy Legacy" to push the legislation through the Congress.

From a Catholic perspective, the "Kennedy Legacy" is the reason abortion is in the health care legislation in the first place.

As I argued in my 2008 book, Onward Christian Soldier: The Growing Power of Catholics and Evangelicals , Ted Kennedy became the pro-abortion acolyte of Rev. Robert Drinan, S.J. who pioneered the bogus arguments leading Catholic politicians into open dissent with the Church.

Kennedy and Drinan, both now deceased, are directly responsible for a Congress where the majority of Catholic members serve the culture of death rather than the Church whose faith they profess. -Read More

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