Oppose Tax-Funded Abortion

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LOS ANGELES, CA (MetroCatholic) -  Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust, a Southern California based pro-life group, will be present at the Congressional Send-off Rally on Thursday, September 3rd at 6:00PM in Los Angeles. The event, which is currently scheduled to take place at Cornfield Park in China Town, is meant to communicate constituents wishes about health care reform to their congressmen who are leaving from their recess.

“Abortion is not healthcare,” Charles Cox, a representative of Survivors stated emphatically. “No health care reform bill has any business mandating that we should pay for abortion.”

Obama’s health care reform bill, HR 3200, has come under fire by pro-life groups who feel that abortion should not be funded by tax dollars. Additionally, the bill will allow for elective abortion to be required coverage for all Americans, and has no clause to protect the Conscience Rights of physicians who believe that by performing abortions they would be violating their Hippocratic oath.

“To date, 80% of all hospitals do not generally provide abortions,” stated Timmerie Millington, a volunteer with Survivors. “Any public option should be sure to protect the Conscience Rights of all health care providers.”

Additionally, the group points out that a recent Zogby poll showed 71% of those asked oppose tax-funding for abortion.

Cox said, “When our elected officials in congress leave for DC, we want them to know that their constituents do not want this bill as is. We want a guarantee that our congressmen will vote ‘no’ on any bill that does not specifically exclude abortion.”

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