“God’s Partners in Life and Death”

screen-capture-4Thus says the president! We might be fellowworkers in the gospel (1 Th 3:2) but to suggest that we are God’s “partners” in matters of life and death is audacious beyond belief. These words imply that President Obama considers himself at the right-hand of God as a partner, an equal, to decide matters of Life and Death.

You can read more on this here and here.

I thought liberals wanted a separation between church and state, religion and politics. So, it is OK for Obama to be prancing around the religious arena to garner support for  his “life and death” policies? It is also acceptable for Reverend Jackson too. It is only the rest of us, especially Catholics who are told to shut up.

As Ben Smith said, “Obama’s call with the rabbis today . . . freights health care reform with a great deal of religious meaning, and veers into the blend of policy and faith that outraged liberals in the last administration.”

Commentator James Taranto says in the Wall Street Journal Opinion page, “We are God’s partners”?! Hmm, God & Obama? No, wait! Obama & God. Yeah, that’s much better!” (Excellent article; read the whole thing!)

As Tevi Troy notes at National Review Online, “The reference to the ‘who shall live and who shall die’ prayer was strange. . . . Is this really the context in which he wishes to discuss health reform–a powerful and unseen being making determinations of life and death? One would think that he would want to avoid anything that could raise the specter of rationing, death panels, or the like.”

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