pro-gay marriage

Another head shaker comes to us from the Vatican with the appointment of pro-gay marriage, pro-abortion scientist, Dr. Miguel Nicolelis to the Pontifical Academy of Science.

Pope names staunch pro-abortion and pro-'gay marriage' scientist to Pontifical Academy of Sciences. This comes on the heels of the appointment of a Protestant as head of the Academy.

Does any of this matter? Does appointing Protestants and those who diametrically oppose Catholic teaching to the Academy affect its deliberations and advice to the pope?

Well, the facetious question, 'Is the pope Catholic?,' pops into my head. How can it not? Jesus founded a Church where the fullness of the truth lies. That includes the fullness of the truth about the world that God made. Who is most able to carry out scientific inquiry? The man of faith and science like Louis Pasteur or the ridiculer of God and religion, Richard Dawkins?

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