Misplaced Grace

Did you see Christina Aguilera mess up the National Anthem at the Super Bowl? I didn’t.

I didn’t see the failed National Anthem, but I certainly read about it. Minutes after Christina’s big flub YouTube videos surfaced of her “ramparts” deletion and countless Facebook status updates transitioned from “Go Packers!” to “Christina Aguilera Sucks!” and “Who Forgets The National Anthem?” Within moments of the slip-up social networking forums, blogs, and new sites unanimously proclaimed their disapproval of everything from Christina’s choice of wardrobe to her awful pitch and obvious lack of patriotism.

One small mistake brought a hail storm of criticism upon the pop-star. The minor error that harmed no one and broke no laws was enough to provoke immediate opinion from much of the country. The next morning, even more buzz circulated about Christina and her horrifying pre-game solo on early newscasts and television shows. Journalists gave their “two-cents” about why and how the seasoned singer botched her performance. Some reporters cracked jokes, others expressed sympathy. The general public gave no mercy for her blunder. Instead, she became a laughingstock. Her actions, of no actual consequence to the American people, provoked a national response of “comical” condemnation.

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