Blessed Virgin Mary

Below is the exact description that Saint Marie Bernadette Soubirous gave of the times when the Immaculate and Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to her in Lourdes, France in 1858.

There are three details that I especially like. The first that our Blessed Mother had gold or yellow roses on her feet. The second is that as soon as St Bernadette stopped praying the Holy Rosary, Mary disappeared. The third is that Mary called herself 'the Immaculate Conception.' Mary not only experienced an immaculate conception in the womb of her mother Saint Anne, but Mary is the Immaculate Conception. In other words, it's one of her titles: the Immaculate Conception.

It's truly inspiring to read this and consider that the Blessed Virgin actually appeared to Bernadette in this way. Here are Bernadette's own words:

I had gone down one day with two other girls to the bank of the river Gave when suddenly I heard a kind of rustling sound. I turned my head toward the field by the side of the river but the trees seemed quite still and the noise was evidently not from them. Then I looked up and caught sight of the cave where I saw a lady wearing a lovely white dress with a bright belt. On top of each of her feet was a pale yellow rose, the same colour as her rosary beads.

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