New Book Celebrates

Cardinal Donald Wuerl of Washington says the new English translation of the Roman Missal represents 'a catechetical moment for the whole Church in the country.'

In anticipation of the new translation, the Cardinal has co-written a new book - a step-by-step walk through the parts of the Mass - which he hopes will be a 'helpful tool' to help Catholics deepen their understanding of the Mass.

'We begin the book by saying the Mass is 'what Catholics do.' The most clearly identifiable action of the Catholic Church is the Mass. ... It is the identifying quality of our Catholic life,' Cardinal Wuerl told CNA in a Jan. 31 phone interview.

'The Mass is how the salvific redemption of the Cross reaches Christians today, nearly 2,000 years since the death of Christ,' he said. 'And that's why there is nothing the Church does that is more important, more significant, more grace-laden, than the Mass.'


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